Sun and Lake Constance!

The numerous open-air pools and lidos as well as the natural bathing beaches on the lake shore offers visitors the chance to enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake. Anyone in search of sport will be drawn to the water – surfing, wake boarding, canoeing and sailing are just some of the activities available on the lake. In the warm summer weather, numerous events lure people into the open air. Numerousopen-air concerts provide musical entertainment while a range of open-air theatres cater to the desires of culture fans. A boat trip across the lake with the “White Fleet” is another highlight not to be missed.

All about summer on Lake Constance

Four countries, one lake: A couple of summer tips for travellers and holidaymakers who want to discover Lake Constance during the hottest and sunniest season:

Selected summer excursions

Lake Constance with the Alps in summer

Selected summer packages

Selected summer events