Guided tour of Langenargen for families at Lake Constance

Guided tour of Langenargen for families

Langenargen, Germany

Is there a ghost in Montfort Castle? Why is the mint called the mint and who many fishermen still work the lake every day? The answers to these and many other questions will be provided on the guided tour for families. The colourful children’s guide that every kid receives before the tour with the Erlebniskarte describes the main attractions in Langenargen. Childrencan solve fascinating puzzles and collect a small gift from the tourist office if they find the final answer.


Guided tours in German

(English guided tours on request)

In the Whit and summer holidays BW

Fri 10:30 am

Recommended time
90 Minutes

Free guided tour with all types of the BodenseeErlebniskarte SUMMER


Tourist-Information Langenargen
Obere Seestr. 2/1
88085 Langenargen

Tel.: +49 7543 933092
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