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Scheidegger waterfalls close to Lake Constance

Scheidegger waterfalls

Admire one of the handred most attractive geotopes in Bavaria with views over a wild romantic river landscape and the Scheidegger waterfalls. The water of the Rickenbach...

A. Vogel/Bioforce AG

A.Vogel/Bioforce AG “classic tour”

Alfred Vogel laid the foundations for his company in 1963. Some of the medicinal plants have been planted on the company’s own fields and freshly processed ever since. The...

Uhldingen vivarium at Lake Constance

Uhldingen vivarium

The wide variety of species in the Uhldingen vivarium ranges from the largest species of snake (the reticulated python), through the largest species of monitor lizard (the...

Penguins in the SEA LIFE Constance

SEA LIFE Constance

At SEA LIFE Constance, plunge into the fascinating world of fresh and salt water fish without getting your feet wet. Follow the course of the Rhine from the Alpine glaciers...

SwinGolf Allgäu - leisure golf close to Lake Constance

SwinGolf Allgäu – leisure golf in Opfenbach

Golfing with no previous experience. You play with only one club and a soft Swin- Golf ball that can be hit up to 100 m. The game manual for beginners is free. 18 holes...

Seepark-Golf Pfullendorf – football golf course

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy competition or simply want to have fun with the family: both options are possible on Germany’s craziest football golf course. On an area...

Aerial view of the Skywalk Allgäu close to Lake Constance

skywalk allgäu nature adventure park

Discover nature from a new perspective – 40 metres above the forest floor. On the barrier-free circuit stretching some 540 metres between the tree tops, you enjoy a...

Gut Hügle – Discgolf close to Lake Constance

Gut Hügle – Discgolf

The latest innovation on Lake Constance! Enjoy frisbee family fun with panoramic views through rolling hills, forests and idyllic cherry gardens. Discgolf is played much like...

Aerial photograph of Mainau Island at Lake Constance

Mainau Island

In addition to the sumptuous variety of flowers in bloom in the park and garden, every season promises its own special highlights, not only during the holidays. Unique...