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Enjoyment around Lake Constance

Lake Constance stands for genuine quality of life. Simply looking at the mountains across the lake is five-star enjoyment — never mind whether from a luxury apartment or from a campsite. Freshly caught whitefish and perch taste especially good. The island of Reichenau supplies vegetables for aromatic side dishes full of vitamins. Just as timeless and delicious: A glass of local Lake Constance wine in the warm evening sun, an apple directly from the farm or a savoury cheese fondue.

Dishes from four countries

Cuisine around Lake Constance combines the very best of the four neighbouring countries. The famous potato speciality has crossed the Swiss “Rösti divide” to reach the lake. “Kässpätzle”, “Schäufele” and “Maultaschen” come from Baden and Swabia . Extraordinary combinations such as “Käsknöpfle” with apple purée can be tasted in the Principality of Liechtenstein while sweet hearty dumplings have found their way to the four-country region from the Austrian Arlberg along with apricot and ham dumplings.

"Must eat"

An absolute “must eat” is “Dünnele” in every form: traditional with cream and ham, refined with smoked salmon, sweet and flambéed with plums. These dishes can be accompanied by a fruity white wine in the cradle of the Müller-Thurgau grapes on the Swiss shore of the Untersee, a noble red from the Schaffhausen pinot noir region and numerous eminently drinkable offerings from famous wineries and cellars on the German shore. A high-proof “Verteilerle” made from the best Lake Constance fruit is a perfect way to help your stomach digest.

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Four countries, one lake: A couple of gourmet tips for holidaymakers and travellers would like to learn a little more about pure enjoyment:

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