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Lake Constance meeting and conference scene

Ideal conditions

Nature, water and a holiday feel: in the area around Lake Constance, you can find suitable meeting facilities providing the ideal environment to be creative, work productively and stimulate ideas.

Why your event should take place by Lake Constance:

  • Island, mountain peak or theatre: the Lake Constance conference and meeting scene offers exceptional and ideal locations for every event.

  • Accessibility: Lake Constance lies at the heart of Europe and is easy to reach with different means of transport.

  • Deluxe attitude towards life: Lake Constance stands for an authentic quality of life. The view over the lake and mountains alone is a five-star pleasure and the ideal balance to a demanding meeting.

  • Unlimited possibilities: Four countries rub shoulders here, offering limitless possibilities for an optimum framework programme to accompany your meeting.

Getting here:

Lake Constance sits at the heart of Europe and close to the Alps, linking four countries. The region is easily and conveniently accessible with different means of transport, irrespective of where the participants in your event are coming from.

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Bodensee Meeting

As a marketing and interest group, BodenseeMeeting has dealt with the continuous development of the Lake Constance region as a meeting and conference scene for some 20 years. In addition to research results on the “conference of the future” and the resulting learning and teaching methods developed, the website also presents conference and meeting facilities.

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